*SALE* The Deuce #3 - *BACK IN STOCK*

*SALE* The Deuce #3 - *BACK IN STOCK*

Fire Wild
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With the BEST price available AND LIFETIME WARRANTY
Help prevent Surface-Shitting and give the gift that keeps on digging to that Surface-Shitter in your life!

All Deuce #3 purchases come with a free A.S.S. Sticker

Before dropping trow in the woods make sure you have a trowel! The Deuce #3 is perfect for hiking, camping, hunting, working, stashed in the vehicle, fireline packs, or anything else outside for when Nature Calls.
It can pry through and break up tough rocky soils with it's handle which is designed for the toughest situations, and then digs and scoops like a champ! 
Just as good it only weighs .97oz, less than a 1lb!


Black Color
Dimensions are 8" x 2.6" x 1"
Made in the USA